Normoxic Trimix Closed Circuit
Rebreather Diver

The Normoxic CCR Diver course will teach you how to plan and conduct decompression dives on the Inspiration, Evolution or Ouroboros rebreather's, using normoxic trimix as a diluent.

Cost - £465

CCR Diver
100 logged dives, 30 deeper than 27m
20 dives and 20 hrs on the specific CCR
Minimum age 18 years

Qualification Limits
Decompression diving down to 60m.
Normoxic trimix as diluent

Course content
4 dives
1 day theory
Total duration – minimum of 3 days

Equipment required
CCR - Inspiration, Evolution or Ouroboros
Bail out cylinder and regulator – minimum 7Ltr
Bail our decompression cylinder and regulator – minimum 7Ltr
SMB and reel
Appropriate exposure protection and all necessary diving equipment for the environment

The Normoxic CCR course will allow you to extend your range on the rebreather, as you will be able to dive the unit deeper without the effects of narcosis.

During this course there will be a refresher of manual control of the unit and bailout scenarios from deeper depths and including bailout decompression.

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