Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver

Closed Circuit Rebreather diving offers a warmer, quieter and longer dive experience. For those who want to get closer to nature, or those who want to remain in the water longer with out having to use a heavy twinset.

CCR Rebreathers

The CCR Diver course focuses on all of the bailout options that diving a Closed Circuit Rebreather give you. Unlike open circuit where if something fails it tends to be obvious with a CCR there are many problems that are not so obvious. This course will prepare you to begin diving with the Inspiration, Evolution or Ouroboros rebreather.

Cost - £500

Advanced Nitrox/Recreational trimix diver
Minimum age 18 years

Qualification Limits
No stop diving down to 42m

Recreational trimix users may use recreational trimixtures with there units

Course content
8 dives
1 day theory
Total duration – minimum of 5 days

Equipment required
CCR - Evolution, Inspiration or Ouroboros
Bail out cylinder and regulator
SMB and reel
Appropriate exposure protection and all necessary diving equipment for the environment

You will be trained how to safely use the Inspiration, Evolution or Ouroboros rebreather. This course is unit specific and you are required to either have your own unit prior to the course or purchase a unit within 3 months of the course. If you go over 3 months, without diving a unit, then you need to complete the course again.

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