Technical training

In2scuba not only trains recreational divers, but offers technical training for those who want to go deeper or stay longer than you can with recreational limits. Technical Diver Training not only opens up deeper sites, but will allow you to spend much longer on dive sites you are already familiar with, why spend 20 minutes on a 30m wreck when you could spend an hour?

Simon Ross Deveau is not only In2scuba's PADI Course Director, but also our Trimix Instructor Trainer. Simon is an experienced trimix instructor who has been training technical divers in England since 2000.

For our technical training we offer both Air and Trimix courses. There are comparable levels of both types. You can swap from Air to Trimix courses at any level, even during the course if you want!

For further details or to book on any of our courses please call us on: 01959 564211 or email us at: