PADI Discover Snorkelling

Course Requirements - No Minimum age limit

Course Duration - 30 minutes

What you will need to bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • T-shirt for pool
  • Cold drink (not glass)

In2scuba run this program with ONE INSTRUCTOR to ONE STUDENT, unless you book as a group. This gives you the maximum amount of supervision and attention throughout the course!

Cost - Adults- £15 Children - £10


Discover Snorkelling is a program that introduces children and adults to the amazing underwater world!

Snorkelling can be easily enjoyed anywhere in the world, it is FUN, SAFE and easy to learn. Snorkelling teaches you how to use a mask to see underwater, a snorkel to breath comfortably and fins to propel you through the water.

Snorkellers generally stay on the surface, but can go on to learn to Skin Dive, this involves learning to equalize your air spaces while diving down, and how to clear a snorkel during and after your ascent.

Discover Snorkelling is conducted in the comfortable and safe environment of a heated indoor pool under the instruction of a PADI Professional.

How about having a Snorkelling Party?

In2scuba can organize a Snorkelling Party for you and your friends, its great fun and a good way of enjoying the excitment of being in the water without going under the surface!

These parties are aimed at children who are either too young to participate in Scuba or those who would prefer to stay on the surface. Time is spent encouraging and assisting children or adults with their water safety whilst playing games and having huge amounts of fun!

Cost - £10 per child or £15 per adult
Duration - 1 hour

Snorkelling Party Dates

  • By arrangement

Please contact us to discuss you Snorkelling Party requirements TODAY!

How can I continue my adventure?
If you now want to explore under the surface you can book on to the Skin Diver Course or Discover Scuba, these programs will get you closer to the incredible underwater world.

For further details or to book on any of our courses please call us on: 01959 564211 or email us at: