DAN Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving
related injuries

Course Dates - Courses run weekends, weekdays and weekday evenings throughout the year. Please contact us for availability.

Cost - £95


  • DAN Manual
  • DAN registration

Course Duration - ½ Day

This course represents entry-level training designed to educate the general diving (and qualified non-diving) public to better recognise possible dive-related injuries and to provide emergency oxygen first aid while activating the local emergency medical services (EMS) and / or arranging for evacuation to the nearest available medical facility.

Course Objective
The course is designed to train and educate the general diving public in the techniques of using oxygen as first aid for a suspected dive injury. In addition, this course will introduce novice divers to the fundamentals of recognising diving injury signs and symptoms, response and management. This program also provides an excellent opportunity for experienced divers and instructors to continue their education.

The DAN Oxygen Provider course is not designed to train lay persons to provide oxygen to the general public. While the medical standards and equipment are the same regarding the emergency use of oxygen for both divers and non-divers, the DAN Oxygen Provider course does not prepare individuals to respond to the ill or injured member of the general public by using emergency oxygen.

Learning Objectives
Course participants must be familiar with the signs and symptoms of major diving injuries including near drowning and decompression illnesses (arterial gas embolism and decompression sickness).

Course participants must demonstrate proper deployment, assembly, disassembly, and use of all components of the DAN Oxygen Unit. This includes use of the demand inhalator valve / mask, constant flow (delivering oxygen up to 25 lpm), non-rebreather mask and oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet.

The course participant must demonstrate skill and confidence while providing emergency oxygen to simulated injured divers by:

  1. Assessing the scene and oxygen provider safety
  2. Deploying and operating the DAN Oxygen Unit
  3. Selecting and preparing the appropriate oxygen mask
  4. Operating the DAN Oxygen Unit and using these oxygen delivery devices:
  • Demand inhalator valve and mask
  • Constant-flow, non-rebreather mask
  • Oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet

5. Identification of the main components of the DAN Oxygen Unit

  • Oxygen cylinder and valve
  • Multi-function regulator
  • "T" handle
  • Handwheel/wrench
  • Oxygen washer
  • Constant-flow controller
  • Intermediate (White) pressure hose
  • Pressure activated check valve (in threaded outlet)
  • Demand inhalator valve
  • Oronasal mask
  • Non-rebreather mask
  • Oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet

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